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What Jazz files should we back up?

Margaret Smith (21255) | asked Apr 23 '13, 6:52 p.m.
We are running DB2 Enterprise, and are doing standard DB2 backups. From reading numerous philosophical documents on Jazz backups, we think there are some specific Jazz files we need to also backup so that we can restore lost or corrupted Project data, Project and server configuration data, and user profiles and permissions. Is there are succinct list of which files should be backed up to implement this strategy? We are using DOORS NG, Design Manager, Team Concert and Quality Manager.

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Jim Ruehlin (79114) | answered Apr 23 '13, 7:11 p.m.
 For RTC and RQM, You'll want to make sure you back up the Fulltext and JTS index files when you back up your DB2 database. It's usually a good idea to backup the config files as well, just in case.

This article by Ralph Schoon is a great roadmap to follow for doing CLM backups.
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