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DNG Import ReqIF with a Change Set : Identifier update was rejected as invalid

Jean-François CHAPELLE (5412) | asked Nov 04 '21, 4:19 a.m.

DNG iFix 018

We try to import a ReqIF with a Change Set :

  • The destination stream contains already a module (We do roundtrip with another company, to share a DNG module)
  • We create a new Changet Set
  • We start the ReqIF import operation
But the operation fails with the following summary :

Successfully imported 3 of 3 folders.
Successfully imported 164 of 164 Artifacts.
Successfully imported 1 of 1 Modules.
Successfully imported 6 of 6 standalone Artifacts.
Successfully imported 0 of 4 Links.
Successfully imported 0 of 0 Views.
Successfully imported 4 of 4 tag associations.

Identifier update was rejected as invalid.: Update not valid. Please discard the importing changeset.

What's wrong with the ReqIF and/or Changet Set ?

Thank you for your help.

Ian Barnard commented Nov 04 '21, 10:37 a.m.

Hi Jean-Francois

Thanks for including the version and ifix in your question!

Not sure if this is what you're seeing, but there is a defect 136162 affecting reqif repeated import fixed since iFix018 so one thing you should try is to update to iFix020. Then if import still doesn't work I suggest you create a support case.


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