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How to get Manual Test Script Step wise execution Report in RQM 6.0.1?

anup Gaur (1392244) | asked Mar 11 '18, 2:35 p.m.

 We are having many test cases which are being run as part of each iteration. We would like to know the step wise execution result report. We know that if we go to each test case result we can get the execution step details but what we want is to be able to see this for a set of test cases so that we can analyse failure points. This is especially important since some steps are common between test cases. Also because there are many test case executed and going to each test case and looking into its details is not really helping us in any analysis.

I have worked in RRDI and JRS before. For this I tried RRDI but I was not able to reach the step wise execution details. I'm not sure what I might have missed. 

i have seen previously somewhere that all steps results are not loaded to DW but only linked to defects etc are loaded. So is this still true or has there been any improvements. If they are not loaded, is REST reportable API is the way to go or even that is not possible?

Any guidance is much appreciated.

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Elohim Arranaga (2461) | answered Mar 13 '18, 4:43 p.m.


You have a couple of alternatives, first is to use LQE as data source in JRS instead of DW. Using LQE you can directly report for the script steps information. Now if you want to directly know the script execution steps you can also report  for script step results and include verdict. 

The third alternative would be feature Expose manual step count in script, testcase, testcase result views in tables and editors (156926), however this was implemented for QM 6.0.4 and fully functional in 6.0.5.  


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