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how to sort ETM project area list when link (Validated By) from Doors or DNG requirement to ETM test case?

Don Yang (7.6k21100135) | asked Jul 07 '22, 9:17 p.m.
When linking(validated by) from DOORS or DNG requirement to ETM testcase, if there are many ETM project areas in the list, the project areas are not sorted in any order.


I tried to add ETM project area association one by one but it does not seem to be sorted by the added time sequence

From Doors to ETM link sample:

The order seems to be random. I am wondering
1) what is controlling the project area list order in this DNG/DOORS - ETM integration when linking requirement
to test case?
2) is there any option to sort it?
When there are a number of ETM project areas associated with DOORS/DNG, it is hard to locate the target ETM project if they are not sorted at a certain order.


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