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RQM/RTC - Best Practice for testing a fixed defect.

Mahari Hill (4861161230) | asked Sep 29 '15, 8:39 a.m.
CLM 5.0.2


The tester has tested and created a defect off of a failed test case from inside of a test suite. When the developer fixed the defect, the tester clicked the test case and ran it from the link on the defect. However, the TSER does not show this result. It is now as stand alone TCER and result.

  1. What is the best practice for handling the fixes? Should they have gone and run the whole suite again?
  2. Should they attach the new TCER to the defect to show it was re-tested?

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Don Yang (7.7k21108138) | answered Sep 30 '15, 3:43 a.m.
If TSER is not re-run and only individual TCER is run, it won't impact on TSER result at all.
It is not clear what you mean by "It is now as stand alone TCER and result.": is it the same TCER included in TSER or not?(from the TCER result's previous results, it would show the previous result when running TSER, is that right?)
If it is the same TCER execution by itself, the defect's link will show the result to be passed now through the icon.
This is related to your question 2: although individual TCER was run(not through TSER), this same TCER should be the one when running TSER as well and all the results should be attached to the same TCER automatically.

Regarding question1, if the test suite is grouping test cases with dependency, then they should be re-run altogether.
If test suite is simply used to group the non-relevant test cases for bulk execution purpose, then it does not matter whether the user runs the specific TCER only as the result will be reflected in the linked test case in the defect anyway.
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Mahari Hill commented Oct 01 '15, 11:40 a.m.

Hello Don, thanks for answering.

1) Yeah, the tester just went in to the resolved defect and clicked the link and ran the test case without going through the whole TSER. When you view the TSER or the defect, the failure results of the previous TCER are still showing Failed. He solved the defect issue by clicking the Add Affects Test Result and he put the Passed on the defect,


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