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RQM - How to get requirement ID as part of Test Case list CSV Export

Parameswaran V (10018) | asked Mar 02 '18, 1:23 p.m.

When i export CSV out from the list view of Test cases, even though i have 'Validates Requirement' as a column, in the CSV, i am getting two Columns as output

1. Validates Requirement URL
2. Validates Requirement (Again URL alone)

I expected proper 'Requirement ID' as in RM; as part of S.No.2.

However in a different project i get proper 'Requirement ID' as in RM as part of S.No 2 above.

Is there a settings with RQM where i can set such a difference?

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abhishek gour (3812) | answered Mar 13 '18, 5:24 a.m.

 Hi Parameswaran,

It would be better if you could provide the version of RQM and RM you are trying to link. It is to know if you are relying on Link Index Service or Back Links Model. 
Assuming you are working with Post 6.0.0 CLM set of applications - Validated By links ( to RM artifacts ) are actually stored in RQM database. That means that RQM would know the URL and Title of the RM artifact linked with Test Case. 
But it wont know the ID and Icon type of RM without having querying for such things from RM database. 
If you are able to see only RM artifacts Title ( without Icon Type and Hovering the pointer on the link does not get RM Artifact details ) that means this QM user is either not logged in to RM Project area, or user is not RM Project area member. 
If CSV file is exported in this case - CSV may have "Col1-URL" and "Col2-Title" but it may not have the RM Artifact ID. 
I have not seen the case where both the column show URL only. May be older version of RQM had that issue. 

Please try to work with user's access to RM Project area and check again. 

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