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How do I add another associated values to a currently existing RQM (5.0.2) Test Case category

Bob Ferguson (89632) | asked Feb 01 '17, 12:17 p.m.
retagged Feb 03 '17, 3:02 a.m. by Minakshi Jaint (5113)

I am currently using RQM 5.0.2 and I have been asked to add additional values to two Test Case Categories.

One is Project the other is Product.

When I go into manage project properties/artifact categories/test case categories/Project, I can expand to see the values however I cannot see how to add a value.

All of the values show that they are "Associated".  How do I find out where they are associated from.

I am assuming these values are enumerations from another field (probably in a RTC work item) and I could add values to the categories by adding values to the enumerations.

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Lily Wang (4.9k714) | answered Feb 01 '17, 7:38 p.m.

The "Associated" means the value is associated to the category. It's not related to any other enumeration. If you add a new value under the category, the "Associated" keyword is always shown.

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Bob Ferguson commented Feb 02 '17, 8:41 a.m.

I followed the link to add a new value to the category and I don't see what the instructions say.  I already have categories and I want to add a new value.  In the instructions it starts with creating a category and saving it.  It then says:

Expand the category in the tree.

Add a category value to the expanded category by clicking the Create icon

When I click the only Create icon I see it asks me to create a root category.

I checked and my role as Test manager has the permissions to edit / create / delete categories.

I also checked to see if this was a shared process area and it is not.

I don't know if a step is missing or something is wrong with the install because the instructions also show how to make something required and default and I do not have any of the drop down arrows to do this.

Bob Ferguson commented Feb 02 '17, 9:37 a.m.

Sorry about this.  I had the screen enlarged and the icons were hidden.

Once I restored the font size every thing appeared.

Thanks again

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