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RTC Source control management- wrong location URI causing application run issue

Suyash adsul (91118) | asked Jun 29 '17, 2:24 p.m.

Hi There,

When have imported/shared an application source code under jazz source control of RTC through eclipse client.
but Once we import the project into our eclipse, the application doesn't start.
If we disconnect the project, it works fine.

Searching for the properties we have found something that it seems a unusual,
Please find attachment for your reference
Please, have a look carefully to, Jazz Source Control --> Location URI
where you can see this data

There, the error is the number "2" in the URL, as our sandbox is on below location

RTC version: 5.0.2
RTC eclipse clinet version: 5.0.2

Please can you help us?
How can we fix it?

Thanks and regards,
Suyash Adsul

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