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Unable to add Work Item query to Query Dashboard widget due to illegal read access to TeamArea

Guillermo Hurtado (1662612) | asked Feb 26 '13, 9:56 a.m.
When I attempt to add a query for a certain project area, the query hangs. Firebug console shows a 403 forbidden error, however other users with the same permissions do not see this problem.

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Guillermo Hurtado (1662612) | answered Feb 26 '13, 10:00 a.m.
edited Feb 26 '13, 10:43 a.m.

The Work Item Query Chooser widget, when invoked from a Viewlet context, will attempt to display shared queries for team areas the user is NOT a member of. This is not the case when the same widget is consumed from the Work Items Web UI. Moreover, the Work Item Query Chooser will not process a response if for some reason one team area fails to load. You may see the following error in Firebug:

CRJAZ1316I Illegal read access:  User X attempted to read item(s) having the following type(s): TeamArea

Please refer to Defect 165871 for details about this consistency problem. 


You need to examine the permissions for the current user since it is possible that a child team area may have overridden a parent process permission:
  •  Verify that the user has the appropriate permissions at ALL levels of the project/team hierarchy. 
  •  Verify that the user is added as a user to the parent project area (each project area where the read/loading issue occurs).
  •  Verify, that the user's permissions properly cascade to all the child team areas and check if a child team area has overridden the parent's process.

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