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RTC Flow Targets & scope components

Nicolas GAY (1111) | asked Jun 16 '17, 11:50 a.m.
edited Jul 09 '17, 2:40 p.m. by David Lafreniere (4.8k7)


There is a behavior I cannot explain Under RTC 6.0.2, about scope components in Repository workspace's flow targets. Maybe anybody can help?

The issue is that I can deliver change sets of a component into a Stream which does not have the given component in the "scope components" of the target flow.

Here is the Scenario:

- two streams: Stream1 & Stream2

- Stream1 contains component1

- Stream2 contains component1 and component2

- a Repository workspace is pointing to Stream1 as "incoming flow direction", "incoming current flow", , with "scopecomponents"=component1 only

- the same repository workspace is pointing to Stream2 as "incoming,outgoing flow direction", "outgoing current flow", "outgoing default flow", with "scopecomponents"=component2 only

My goal is to be able to:

- see any change on component1 delivered into Stream1, as an "incoming" change set of my Repository Workspace (and then to accept them)

- be able to see as "outgoing" change set the changes made to "component2", and to have them be deliverable to Stream2

- be sure I WILL NEVER deliver any change set on component1 into Stream2

The issue I cannot explain:

I can well see incoming changes on component1 and accept them. BUT then the same component1 appears as OUTGOING change of my repository workspace. In consequence I can deliver the last change set of component1 into Stream2!!

Actually, this does not make sense: component1 is not in the "Scope components" of the "Stream2" target flow. So why can I deliver change set on this component into Stream2?

This is not what is described in the "Flow scope" section of

Any explanation would be welcome to help me!

Thansk in advance to all.


Nicolas G

Arun K Sriramaiah commented Jun 28 '17, 5:21 a.m. | edited Jun 28 '17, 5:21 a.m.

Hi Nicolas,

Could you please give us more details about, reason for using same Repository workspace for both streams ( stream1 and stream2)

I think you should be using a spereate stream.


Arun K Sriramaiah commented Jun 28 '17, 8:47 a.m. | edited Jun 28 '17, 8:48 a.m.

Try using the separate repository workspaces for each stream

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Vishal Gupta (311) | answered Jul 07 '17, 2:50 a.m.

Since component1 is not in the "Scope components" of the "Stream2" target flow, so changes in component should not get delivered into stream2. Ideally this kind of flow (component1 -> stream2) should not be shown in the pending changes view as component1 is not scoped for stream2. This issue was fixed in 6.0.3 release in the following WI: Defect 399540

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