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Special Characters gets converted to Junk value during build

Kunal Doddanavar (45222632) | asked Jul 19 '13, 6:03 a.m.
retagged Aug 14 '13, 12:52 p.m. by Te-Hsin Shih (2854)
  RTC[3.0.1] has been integrated with Build Forge, this seems to be an issue even before the build is started.There is a jsp file that contains a " ' " in the file content, when a build is requested, as we know a Repository Work Space is created on the server, before it can perform the build, I paused the build before it could start building and checked the file on the server, the " ' " was missing, it had a junk value.

Any ideas on how to avoid this?


Spencer Murata commented Aug 05 '13, 9:03 a.m.

Are you pulling in the file from RTC?  What character set is the jsp file in? 

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