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Challenges in "Requirement Management" which can be resolved from IBM Doors NG

Muhammad Moid (141634) | asked May 26 '17, 7:45 a.m.


I want to create a questionnaire to identify pain areas of our customer in their existing Requirement Management tool (which is not Doors NG) to show them benefits we have in IBM Doors NG.

Any suggestion on it would be highly appreciated.

Muhammad Moid

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Tali Rabetti (111820) | answered May 29 '17, 2:40 a.m.

Hi Muhammad,
I am not familiar with other rm tools, but some things that may be relevant -

  • The ease of creating links for traceability/dependancy - links among requirements, links between requirements and external URLs, and if relevant - links to RTC work items.
  • Need to exporting requirements into doc/pdf/html.
  • Need of commenting on a requirement, including directing the comment to a person that will get email notification.
  • Need to store other documents (e.g pictures, ppt) as part of the requirements.
  • Is there a need to develop programs or scripts that access/create/update  requirements from outside - I don't know how it is in other tools. Doors NG have good interface for that.
Also - If you want to migrate the customer to a new tool, need to address the issue of importing requirements into Doors NG - it is possible to import from doc and csv, but if the requirements are already in a different tool, it may be hard to import, as well as adapt the processes of working with requirement management to a new tool.

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