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How do you catch rendering errors in RPE?

David Clark (2341151) | asked Mar 21 '17, 9:34 a.m.

 We are developing RPE scripts to produce well formed outputs for customer documents.

Several of the DNG users have put the images into artifacts in DNG that do not specify the item is an image. Also, we have images that will not render.

RPE crashes during document creation.

What I am tryign to do is to gracefully handle the error, put text into the generated document that states, the error but completes.

I am NOT using <div> without modifications because several users put hyper links to word definitions and the WORD output document needs to have these stripped out.

I am getting a 404 error for some images
2017-03-21 06:09:47,729 [           RRDG_187:19391-CORE]  INFO                               - CRRPE3018I The data source configuration module is reconfiguring data source text.
2017-03-21 06:09:47,729 [           RRDG_187:19391-CORE]  INFO                               - CRRPE3107I Downloading data from https://emsdoors/rm/publish/text?resourceURI=_928fae32eef6486f87de4e4171cea11f&oslc_config.context=https://emsdoors/rm/cm/changeset/_99GWkP3YEeaRUZG5BdclbQ.
2017-03-21 06:09:47,791 [ RRDG_187:19393-OUTPUT] INFO - [Error context] Template is https://emsdoors/rm/publish/templateLibrary/SDD_Multiple_Template_DNG
2017-03-21 06:09:47,791 [ RRDG_187:19393-OUTPUT] INFO - [Error context] Template element is 89
2017-03-21 06:09:47,791 [ RRDG_187:19393-OUTPUT] INFO - [Error context] Expression is used for CONTENT
2017-03-21 06:09:47,791 [ RRDG_187:19393-OUTPUT] ERROR - CRRPE3095E Output processing could not continue due to an error. The element type "div" does not match the expected end-tag "</i>".
XHTML is <<div><i>&#160;</div>>
2017-03-21 06:09:49,650 [ RRDG_187:19391-CORE] INFO - CRRPE3571I Finished reading input XML. 13 elements processed.
2017-03-21 06:09:49,650 [ RRDG_187:19391-CORE] ERROR - CRRPE3012E IBM Rational Publishing Engine error.
Invalid output state.
2017-03-21 06:09:50,916 [ RRDG_187:19391-CORE] INFO - CRRPE3603I Enable the Core Debug Mode for RPE to receive additional information on errors.

for the other. The <div> error is from an attempt to render an image that is not specified as a wrapperResource.
1. How to catch these so RPE will complete
2. Will be to address the errors themselves.

Kumaraswamy Gowda commented Mar 21 '17, 8:09 p.m.

Hi David,

Whichever template element is printing this data, you could use script expression tab with a try catch javascript ( to ignore any error or return some error text to be printed.


David Clark commented Mar 21 '17, 8:22 p.m.

 Thanks Kumar, I tried putting try {} catch(err) - around any script code I have. I was wondering if there was anything else that can be used outside of the script window.

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Erwin Kunz (94687086) | answered Mar 21 '17, 10:20 a.m.

Hi David

Not sure that this helps to fix the issue.

Ensure that you have &showEmbedTitles=true&maximiseEmbeds=true in your URI


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