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Not able to fetch the 'oslc_am:amServiceProviders' rdf resource property

Nitesh Bansode (1312) | asked Feb 21 '17, 7:52 a.m.


I have implemented one OSLC Architecture Management service provider which should connect to CLM - Design Manager.
The OSLC Adapter which contains the Architecture Management service provider has the rootservices document like:

<rdf:Description rdf:about="http://<myserver>:<port>/ArasAdapter/am/rootservices">
       <dcterms:title>OSLC-AM Adapter/Aras Adapter Root Services</dcterms:title>
       <oslc_am:amServiceProviders rdf:resource="http://<myserver>:<port>/ArasAdapter/services/arasservices/catalog/singleton/am_catalog"/>            <jfs:oauthRealmName>Aras</jfs:oauthRealmName>
 <jfs:oauthRequestConsumerKeyUrl rdf:resource="http://<myserver>:<port>/ArasAdapter/services/oauthservices/oauth/requestKey"/>
 <jfs:oauthApprovalModuleUrl rdf:resource="http://<myserver>:<port>/ArasAdapter/services/oauthservices/oauth/approveKey"/>
 <jfs:oauthRequestTokenUrl rdf:resource="http://<myserver>:<port>/ArasAdapter/services/oauthservices/oauth/requestToken"/>
 <jfs:oauthUserAuthorizationUrl rdf:resource="http://<myserver>:<port>/ArasAdapter/services/oauthservices/oauth/authorize"/>
 <jfs:oauthAccessTokenUrl rdf:resource="http://<myserver>:<port>/ArasAdapter/services/oauthservices/oauth/accessToken"/>

But when i try to add association between my Architecture Management Service provider and one of the project in design manager, the network call goes like this :
1. The Design Manager hits the rootservices URL of my adapter and gets the response as shown above
2. But it fails to read the 'oslc_am:amServiceProviders' which is catalog for my provider.
3. So i am not able to see the service provider in the list of service providers while associating projects.

normally when we try to associate projects then CCM or RM hits the rootservices document and from that it finds out the catalog url. The catalog URL has the information about the ServiceProviders. And next from catalog URL it finds the service provider, and lists it out in the association dialog.

if i change the 'oslc_am:amServiceProviders' to 'oslc_cm:cmServiceProviders' or 'oslc_rm:rmServiceProviders'
then i am able to see the provider in the list of service providers while associating projects.
But i want to connect my provider with the Design Manager,and 'oslc_am:amServiceProviders' is not working.

any help on this is appreciated.

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