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Has anyone upgraded to DOORS Next Gen 6.0.3?

Carol Watson (71017) | asked Jan 06 '17, 12:14 p.m.

My Company is currently planning our upgrade to DOORS Next Gen 6.0.3 and would appreciate hearing from anyone who has already completed the upgrade.  What was your experience?  Any tips on what to watch for, or issues that you encountered?



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Daniel Barbour (250323) | answered Jan 06 '17, 1:18 p.m.
We recently upgraded from an CLM 6.0.2 (iFix006a) installation to CLM 6.0.3 and had no unusual experience in doing so.  That said - we are not heavy users of the CLM tools (we have fairly small projects that are used for performing ISO 26262 tool validation activities and we needed to migrate our tool qualification artifacts to support 6.0.3).

The only significant observation I would make is that the User Interface for DNG is noticeably different which may require a little getting used to for users who have spent a lot of time working with earlier versions.  (I am not making a judgment call - only an observation)

Carol Watson commented Jan 06 '17, 1:45 p.m.

Thanks Daniel. Currently the only Rational tools we use are DOORS 9.6 and DOORS Next Gen 6.0.2. We do plan to migrate modules from DOORS to DNG.  We held off doing so until we get 6.0.3 installed because of the migration enhancements included in this release.



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