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db2 native encryption support

Robin Parker (32633738) | asked Feb 10 '16, 6:19 a.m.
edited Feb 10 '16, 6:21 a.m.
In DB2 10.5 FP5, native database encryption was introduced.

DB2 Native Encryption

We currently use luks to encrtypt the filesystem that the databases are stored on.  However, now that DB2 has native support, it makes sense to use this instead.

The encryption is supposed to be transparent to the applications so I suspect that it works with Jazz already although some testing and confirmation in the documenation would be nice.

Also, the encryption option is not licensed for use with the version of DB2 bundled with the tools so would currently cost extra to enable for use with Jazz (in which case of course we would continue the use the - free with linux - luks encryption)

Anyone know if there are any plans to validate the native encryption with the jazz applications and bundle the capability with the tools?

Many Thanks.

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