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CLM 5.0 integration Rhapsody + Doors

jean-claude vauthier (22634856) | asked Jun 06 '14, 12:00 p.m.
I have installed CLM 5.0. + DM + RELM.   I'm trying to integrate with Rhapsody and Doors

1) Doors Integration
    I have used the same DWA festival + server configuration than the one I use for the integration with CLM 4.0.6, but  the setup of the friend relationship with RTC and RQM application fails with CLM 5.0
2) Rhapsody Integration
    Design Manager Client 5.0  requires Rhapsody 8.1 during the installation process.  Neverthless the following links ( list Rhapsody 8.0 integration as  a valid integration
3) I'm looking for the link to the info center V5.... I have tried :  but it does not work

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permanent link
Volker Gardain (525) | answered Jul 01 '14, 8:26 a.m.
For the Infocenter link: did you try  ?
Seems that the Infocenter has been reincarnated into the new Knowledge Center.

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