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Question about installing CLM 5.0.1 and UrbanCode Deploy

Narayanan Potti (27037179) | asked Nov 11 '14, 2:21 p.m.

Hello Forum Members

I am planning installation of CLM 5.0.1 and UrbanCode Deploy WebSphere Application server on Windows server will the application server.

1. Can a single Windows Server 2012 machine be used as application server for both applications?

2. For database I am considering either MS SQL Server Enterprise Edition 2012 or  Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release.  Are there any known issues if I go with Standard edition of these databases ?

3. Will there be any issues if the applications share same database and use different schemas ?  Should these applications use separate databases ?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Ryan Ruscett (1.0k413) | answered Nov 11 '14, 8:01 p.m.
 Hey whats up...

1. I am assuming you mean CLM and Deploy on the same single server. You mention three products but in either case you can use all three on one machine or split up however you want. 

2.  There are no known issues with databases. You can use whatever you want. Deploy is not an intensive database application. Considering it ships with Derby. Use whatever database you are more familiar with. SQL server is easier to set up... Just sayin!

3. I don't know what you mean by applications. A single deploy instance can install and run many applications. That is what it is built for. If you are using a single deploy instance it will use the same database for everything. If you point two deploy's to the same database. For say failover. Then you need to read the UrbanCode Deploy InfoCenter for details on failover type procedures and setup. 
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Narayanan Potti commented Nov 11 '14, 8:49 p.m.

Thanks for your response Ryan. A few years back CM administrator in my project installed RQM 2.0 and Build Forge and configured these applications to share a single Oracle DB instance and use different schemas in the same DB instance. It turned out RQM had severe performance issues and latency. I am trying to avoid such a  situation. When planning installation of CLM and Urban Code Deploy I can plan to request for separate DB instances.

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