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How do you obtain 7.0 License keys when upgrading from 6.0 in DOORS Next

Carol Watson (71017) | asked Aug 31 '23, 12:34 p.m.

 We are upgrading from to 7.0.2 SR1 and have existing licenses.  The License Key Center only displays the V6 license keys.  How do we get V7 license keys added to our list?

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Carol Watson (71017) | answered Sep 05 '23, 11:48 a.m.

 Found the answer.  For V7.0 the license key jar files are downloaded from Passport Advanatage.

1.       Log in to Passport Advantage. <o:p> </o:p>

2.       Select Customer Site  <o:p> </o:p>

3.       Select Download Software. <o:p> </o:p>

4.       Select latest 7.0.2 (or latest version)  <o:p> </o:p>

5.    Select the type of license you have, then Download. 

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