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Need Clarification on Delivery issue in RTC after CVS code Imported using cvs2svn tool

Prashantha Kumari (3511) | asked Dec 27 '16, 2:35 a.m.
         I tried to migrate CVS code ( only trunk code) to RTC using cvs2svn tool in test environment. Import of trunk completed without issue and tried to deliver the code from workspace. Deliver finished But still there was pending changes. Tried to deliver it once again. But deliver was not at all starting. When tried to deliver one baseline in pending changes all baseline delivered. I am not sure what could be the reason.

My question is , Is there any limitation about data size to deliver to one component?  can't we deliver huge data to one component?  Why deliver was not starting when we tried to deliver code by right click on outgoing -> deliver

I tried 9.6 GB CVS repository code to RTC ( in that only trunk code tried to push).

CLM Version : 601

Please let me know any one has idea on this.


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