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Import of test plan from excel into trial version of RQM fully functional?

Stefan Gergely (134) | asked Nov 29 '16, 5:36 a.m.
I'd like just to know whether import of test plan including test cases is fully functional. Today I tried to import data from sample excel data stored in file TestPlan with TestCases 001.xls using RQMExcelImporter tool - everything went OK (including log-content) and after import had finished I could see the message . Unfortunately, I was able to find only test plan data imported, test cases were not available. The corresponding XML files for plan as well as for test cases were generated OK (at least I didn't found any problem in these files). Could you pls. advise what could be the reason why the corresponding 5 test cases were not imported in RQM?  Could the reason be usage of trial version of RQM (integrated in trial CLM)?

Note: Though I was able to import "manually" (sequentially) all test cases using the function Import test cases in RQM this is surely not the expected solution...
Thank for your answer! 

Stefan Gergely commented Nov 29 '16, 5:41 a.m.

Note: The message I received after import finishing was "Resource created". I added it into my question text as a picture but after my question was submitted I see that the picture was omitted...

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Kumar Kumar (6417) | answered Nov 29 '16, 5:57 a.m.
Hello Stefan,

I am not sure will the trial version have any impact on Excel Import.
I had this issue once when I was using the different versions of Excel Import and RQM server.
Like I had downloaded Excel Importer from RQM 6.0.1 download path and I was using RQM 6.0.2

Please check the versions.


Stefan Gergely commented Nov 29 '16, 6:20 a.m.

Hello Kumar,
thank for your answer! In my opinion, the problem should be on RQM's side because (as I mentioned) I was able to import test plan and test cases separately, therefore I assume that all generated XML files are OK... Taking into account your experience we could suppose the usage of RQM 6.0.2 would be a solution... Unfortunately, now I'm working with trial RQM embedded in trial LCM located on server, the version of RQM part included is not available...

Kumar Kumar commented Nov 29 '16, 9:57 p.m.

Hello Stefan, server is in RQM 6.0.3 version.
Could you please download Excel Importer from RQM 6.0.3 download path and try.


Stefan Gergely commented Dec 01 '16, 3:55 a.m.

Hello Kumar,

I downloaded zip-file and after uninstalling of old Importer version 6.0.2 and laptop restart I installed new version 6.0.3. Unfortunately, the generated XML files for test plan as well as for 5 test cases are identical with those generated by Importer 6.0.2. Therefore happened the thing I was afraid: after import of test plan XML file in RQM only test plan data were imported, but none test cases!

Could you pls. advise some another tip how to ensure that test cases will be imported together with test plan (i.e. during one import)?  Thanks!

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