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How to import a Test Suite with one test case and multiple scripts.

Richard Haadsma (131) | asked Aug 13 '21, 10:06 a.m.

Hello, I'm able to import a Test Suite with a Test Case no problem.  When this Test Case is created in the suite, the first Test Script for the case is specified by default.  My question is how do I specify each of the scripts for the single Test Case (I have two scripts in my test case)?

Excel Layout...
Test Suite 1,   Test Case 1,  Test Script 1
                                             Test Script 2

The Test Case gets imported correctly and includes the two Test Scripts, however, again my problem is that the Test Suite includes one Test Case entry and by default the Test Script listed with the case is the the first one (Test Script 1).

I'd love to see an import example of a Test Suite that includes a Test Case and all of its Test Scripts.

Thanks in advance!

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Fabian Lomeli (1013) | answered Aug 13 '21, 12:50 p.m.

 Seems that feature is not available.  You can link the testcase to the test suite by adding this 

That will add the test case to your suite and make first script (if any) as default.  There is no keyword to specify default script for a test case in the suite.

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Richard Haadsma commented Aug 13 '21, 1:00 p.m.
I thought this might be the case.  So as I see it, there is no way (using the Excel Importer) to specify execution of all the scripts in a test case.  One must manually (or using the API) associate each script within the case to a test suite.  Basically, this means the importer doesn't really support multiple scripts per test case, as there is no way to execute them in single test exec. record (without manual intervention).   This is a real point of frustration.
Thanks Fabian for confirming this with me, and replying so quickly.  It is much appreciated!

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