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What is done in each activity during a dependency build?

Khelmo Freitas (154) | asked Nov 03 '16, 12:04 p.m.

Hello, I'm looking for a summary of what is done in each activity during a dependency build. Sometimes some activities take too long. Also it would be nice to know which run on the mainframe and which run in the rtc server.

The activities I'm talking about are:

Preprocessing build
    Accepting changes
    Updating dependency data
        Acquiring stream lock
        Updating dependency data
        Creating source code data baseline
    Collecting buildable files
        Waiting for source code baseline creation
    Generating file agent operations
    Generating macro definitions
    Creating buildable files list
    Creating deleted buildable files list
Generating commands for Ant
Checking RTC EE Ant library
Checking load directory
Transferring buildable file list
Transferring File Agent operations list
Transferring Ant macro definitions
Transferring deleted buildable file list
Transferring main Ant build file
Transferring generated build file
Transferring Ant build properties
Starting Ant build
    Delete build maps and outputs

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