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Can I externalize the process from an existing RTC project area for process sharing?

Robert Huet (23112179) | asked Sep 28 '16, 2:07 p.m.
 I want to take the process configuration from an existing project area, use it to create a "Master Project Area", and then re-point my existing project area to re-use the process from the new "Master Project Area".  Is this possible?  When I tried to do this, the existing project area is still retaining it's local configuration.

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Robert Huet (23112179) | answered Sep 28 '16, 6:51 p.m.
I was able to make this work by overlaying the process xml for my existing project area (which is now a child project area pointing to a "Master Project Area" for it's process) with the empty process xml structure from a project area created with an "Unconfigured Process".  This has to be done in Eclipse.
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