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RTC Operational Behavior

Cindy August (131) | asked Jun 30 '16, 9:46 a.m.

RTC Operational Behavior precondition not working on previously existing work items.

I created a new enumeration for a compliance question (simple yes or no), added it to the attributes for the work item, then added it as a presentation for the work item. Lastly under operation behaviors, selected it as a required property for certain workflow states. However, it is not being "caught" across the various states.
- It is not required for New state
- It is required for the next states such as "Active" and so forth
- Active is also a new state but not the other three states
- Workflow states are not required to be selected in order, the User can move however they wish (Active, Testing, Production and Closed) across the workflows (this was a business requirement)

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Ralph Schoon (61.1k33643) | answered Jun 30 '16, 10:31 a.m.
If you add a work item attribute it only exists in the new work items created after you added it.
So the attribute is not there for old items and the operation behavior does not trigger.
You have to Synchronize the attributes, then it becomes required.

Note, I'd suggest to test this in a test system.
In the Eclipse Client in the Work Item Types and Attributes editor select the work item type and click on the "Check attributes usages in repository" in the right top corner of the attributes section to synchronize the attributes.
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Cindy August commented Jun 30 '16, 11:33 a.m.

This is helpful and is logical. Items previously in required states will need to be updated first. I've run a query to identify the work items that will need to be updated before the Operational Behavior will work properly.

Thank you for your answer Ralph. I really appreciate it.


Ralph Schoon commented Jun 30 '16, 11:39 a.m.

You can also run the synchronize attributes from a query in the Eclipse client. Note that the attribute basically is not there. I don't know right now if it appears if you ope the item. So the sync might be needed.

See how to.

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