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Failed to load workspace from server to build workspace and ant build job is always in progress

Ankit Vashistha (125627) | asked May 18 '16, 10:55 a.m.
 Hi all,

I am trying to run build from RTC using Jazz as Build Engine with Ant.
Below mentioned are the steps that I performed.

1) Created new build definition with build template as Ant - JBE.
2) In properties defined the path build workspace.
3) In Jazz Source control defined the workspace from server to be build with load directory as per defined under properties.
4) Under Ant provided the path of Ant file to build.

Now after all this when I request for the build it shows in progress state only and also not able to see where all it got stuck if it got stuck somewhere.

Also when I checked the build workspace where the server workspace to be loaded before proceeding ahead with build, I found it as blanked.

Kindly provide some help in building the project.


David Lafreniere commented May 30 '16, 9:21 a.m.

Is there any output in the JBE console, or is there a build log file produced on disk that might contain additional information? (ex: stack traces, or showing how far it got, etc.)

Ankit Vashistha commented Jun 16 '16, 6:34 a.m.

@David Lafreniere

Hi David, Sorry for being late in reply as i got stuck in some other stuff.
No I dont find any log file for traces. Kindly provide some help.

David Lafreniere commented Jun 17 '16, 11:41 a.m.

 Can you re-launch JBE using -verbose and show us the JBE console output?

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Deepali Deshmukh (8913759) | answered May 24 '16, 6:48 a.m.
I have come across similar issue. 
Any update

Ankit Vashistha commented Jun 16 '16, 6:36 a.m.

@Deepali Nigade

Hi Deepali,

Have you done with the build process or you also still stuck up with the same problem.
Kindly share your process so that I can check in my process if I have done something nasty.

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Deepali Deshmukh (8913759) | answered Jun 16 '16, 9:52 a.m.
Hi Ankit,

Thank you for your reply

I am still stuck up with the same issue.
My current scenario is different where I am using Build forge engine. Below are the steps
I have configured RTC and Build Forge. 
1. I have created build Build Forge engine and build definition in RTC.
2. In build forge I have created environment with four variables ( Repository_Address,Build_User, Build_Password, Build_Engine_Path)
I have created project with the environment and with two steps. 
Step1 has command .source JazzJBE. 
Step2 has command 
cd ${team_scm_fetchDestination}/Addition 
g++ main.cpp -o main
3. under Jazz source control tab in build definition. I have selected proper workspace for "build workspace" .
4. under load option I have specified the path to load BF workspace.
when I request for build. It fails and found my BF workspace as blank.
in my log file I can see  
"Unable to set working directory to 'D:\BuildFolder\Helloworld_Project\BUILD_2\Helloworld_Project\BUILD_2' (2)"

I am trying to resolve this for a long time but haven't got an any solution. I have even posted questions for the same but all in vain. May be Build Forge is difficult to configure.
Any help would really be appreciated.

Ankit Vashistha commented Jan 06 '21, 6:36 a.m.

I feel you need to start the build engine before requesting for the build.

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