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RQM: Missing links to attached files and no means of attaching files to manual test script

Mark Gregory (133) | asked Apr 27 '16, 7:43 a.m.
edited Apr 28 '16, 8:30 a.m.

I used to be able to access attached files in manual test script steps, I would have a file link that I could click on.
There would also be some options at the bottom-right of the test results cell I could use to attach a new file.
These are no longer being presented. I have tested Firefox ESR 38.6.1, Firefox 45.0.2, Internet Explorer 11.0.9600, from a number of different computers with different versions of Windows and I see the same behavior.
Could this be some kind of permissions problem?
I appear to be using RQM 6.0 ..
Quality Management Core libraries: I20150519_1442
Jazz Core libraries: RJF-I20150519-1056
with patch iFix005

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paul chu (59411) | answered Apr 28 '16, 3:08 p.m.
There should be a "Show/Hide Contents" menu icon in the Manual Steps section of the test script editor that has the option to "Show Attachments/Links".  Enable that option will show the additional column with action icons for assisted data, comment and attachment.  Those icons will appear on hover of the test script step.
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