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Best Practice - RQM Test Script updates

Mahari Hill (4861182230) | asked Apr 06 '16, 10:49 a.m.
CLM 502


I have 40 test scripts imported in to RQM. We have run through the first phase of testing a "built from scratch" software package. I have now been sent edits to 22 of these test scripts. What is the best way to update test scripts? What I see as options are:

  • Update the scripts manually in RQM
  • Modify scripts using Excel importer (is that an option)
  • Add scripts to existing test cases and replace the old ones (keep for "versioning" purposes.)
  • ???

How are people usually handling updates?

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Don Yang (7.7k21114139) | answered Apr 07 '16, 1:21 a.m.
Hi, Mahari

Some inputs from me:

- if the edit means there are partial script you still need, you may want to consider to create keyword for the test script or partial statements. Once it is modulised, it is easy for you to reuse them in the next version and future version along with the continuous created new keyword for the new features etc
- although history may still show what you have edited on top of the existing scripts, you may consider to duplicate the script and then modify on the duplicated one and give some meaningful description so that you know where the script is based on.
If you want to have versioning, snapshot is also a good way to go. Or upgrading to v6.0.x which will start to support versioning for test assets.
- using ExcelImporter is an option to replace the existing one(it won't update, it will simply replace everything based on the provided configuration/excel files. so if you forget to add any existing options in the current test scripts into your configuration, it will mean those options will no longer be in the new script after exporting).

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