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how do you link multiple artifacts to each other?

David Clark (212223) | asked Mar 30 '16, 8:54 p.m.
DOORS is not behaving as I expected it to. Here is the situation...

Module A and Module B are parallel Modules - similar parent specifications, Module A is generic, Module B is customer specific. Artifact XYZ is in both Modules.

Module C is a child module that contains artifacts (artifact 123) that satisfy artifacts in Modules A and B. Specifically Artifact 123 satisfies Artifact XYZ.

What I expected to happen was when I linked Artifact 123 to Artifact XYZ, that BOTH Modules A and B would show the link (Satisfies By). 

But only the actual module I linked, Module A, shows the relationship (XYZ->123). In Module B, Artifact XYZ does not show the relationship.

This does not get me the reuse I expected. What I want is for Artifact XYZ to maintain its "Satisfies By" link previously created and the ability for me to select the artifact XYZ and include it in a new Module D at some future time. At that time the link to artifact 123 is still there and I do not need to re-link it.


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permanent link
Keith Collyer (456311) | answered Apr 04 '16, 6:24 a.m.
This is because links to artifacts within modules are specific to that module. If you locate the base artifacts and create the links between them, these are then visible in all locations that the artifact is visible. A related question was asked here, take a look at the document linked from Donald Nong's answer

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