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Cross Project Area embedded artifact links are not working in RDNG on 6.0.3

Denise McLaughlin (49415) | asked Feb 02 '17, 11:09 a.m.

We are in process of upgrading to CLM 6.0.3 from CLM 6.0.2.  In RDNG our analysts make use of embedding content across their various project areas as needed. This has been 'out of the box' functionality present in 6.0.2, insert an artifact, pick another project area, select the artifact and use a link of embeds.

With upgrading to 6.0.3, we can still do this however, content from the embedded artifact is not printing on reports like Print Module Book for example.  When updating the text of the embedded artifact it is not being reflecting in the 'container' artifact.

Has something change drastically in 6.0.3 for embedding content from another project area?  I see reference to Removal of cross-project linking and filtering restrictions in the New and Noteworthy for 6.0.3 but that section does not provide me with enough detail.

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