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Procedure to link requirement artifacts between different project area in RDNG

Vani B (139850) | asked Dec 20 '16, 1:58 a.m.
How to link requirement artifacts between different  RM project area in RDNG
Roles and permission for DNG users
License type to the DNG user
which group to Users in WAS.

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Adrian Haw (264641) | answered May 31 '17, 2:51 a.m.

This is quite an old question now but I'll have a go for future reference. It depends on which DOORS NG version but assume it's at least 6.0.3 because before this version your options were not worth talking about.

  • Both project's streams must be in the same Global Configuration stream.
  • Both project's streams must have the same link types & link constraints (this can include user-defined link types).
  • The link creator must be a member of both projects and of the Global Configuration.
  • Both projects must be opened in the Global Configuration stream context.
  • The link creator needs to have a role/permissions in the projects to be able to create links.

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