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DOORS Next Generation 6.0.2 - Can a change set be shared with another team member so that modified requirements could be reviewed before delivering that change set to the stream?

Deepak Gidwani (262131) | asked Feb 17 '17, 4:09 p.m.

DOORS Next Generation 6.0.2 :-
1) User 1 creates change set 1 and modifies the requirement in that change set. User 1 does not deliver this change set to the stream.
2) User 1 associates change set 1 to RTC task and assigns User 2 as the owner of that task so that User 2 could review the modified requirement in change set 1 before it gets delivered to the stream.
3) Once user 2 has reviewed the modified requirement, then user 1 shall deliver change set 1 to the stream.

Is this possible I,e, change set to be reviewed by another team member before that change set is delivered to the stream?

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Glyn Costello (12920) | answered Apr 04 '18, 10:10 a.m.

We don't use RTC but in DOORS NG the change set can be created, then simply copy and send the link from the address bar to someone else (or have a user search for it in the context switch menu) and then the other user can edit under the change set. 

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David Reilly (6936) | answered Apr 04 '18, 5:53 p.m.

Hi Deepak -

I'm currently on rDNG v6.0.2 iFix005. 

Glyn's exactly correct that you can share the link with other users and direct them to the change set that way. 

I just wanted to add that you will not be able to conduct a formal review in a change set. Formal reviews are great because all users can access them, but they are indeed limited in other ways. However, if your review were to consist of comparing the change set with the parent configuration, then you would get a pretty adequate side-by-side. 


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