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RTC Report resources Widget

Eamon Horkan (21216) | asked Mar 02 '16, 8:50 a.m.
Hi , I have deployed a time tracking solution RTC , I have also deployed reports to work wit the solution , everything is work as designed !

The only issue now is to deploy the custom report to the dashboard for ease of access and monitoring.

I am using the custom report widget, which appears to be non functional and will not browse report resources. (Tried to attach a .jpg  the error got an error.... reputation 60 ..does not seem to be working either! )  , can anyone advise me on how to resolved ?

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Donald Nong (14.5k414) | answered Mar 02 '16, 11:38 p.m.
What version? What does it mean by "non functional and will not browse report resources". Anything similar to the issues discussed in the past?

Don Yang commented Mar 03 '16, 5:25 p.m.

Hi, Eamon

What Donald suggested is the right direction hence I converted the comment to answer.
My understanding is that you have added the custom report resource into RTC and it works for you and now want to add to dashboard. In that case, you need to add that report to widget catalog following the discussions Donald listed.

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