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Create a story in the column 'Story' with the taskboard view for Sprint plan

Benjamin Chauviere (3728) | asked Feb 24 '16, 5:28 a.m.

On my RTC instance, there was no story Work item predefined, neither Epics, so I needed to create this type of WI + the Workflow for user stories.
By testing my work in a Sprint Plan and Taskboard view, I notice that my story is create in the State 'Open' whereas it exist a new column called 'Story'

I do not see how to configure RTC in order to by default create the stories in this column?

Thank you for your help,

btw Is there a way to get back the story and epics pattern from somewhere to not create it from scratch ?

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Matt Muller (59813073) | answered Feb 24 '16, 6:30 a.m.


The Process Template you use to Create the Project Area will have the work items for that "Method of Design" so you will have a "Scrum" template and a "Formal Project Management Template"

So if you want a project with an Agile Method use the Scrum template and this will have configured presentation, Plans, Reports and most importantly the Scheduler.

If you want to apply to an existing Project Area then that can be complex if you don't understand the full configuration of the work items, Planning etc.

I hope this helps you.

Matt Muller

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