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How to get started to use shell sharing with RTC V6.0.1 and WMB Toolkit V8.0.0.4

Belinda Lee (113) | asked Feb 16 '16, 3:13 p.m.
Hi all,
We are seeking advice to start using RTC as a source control for our message broker code.
We had installed RTC client V6.0.1 and Message Broker Toolkit V8.0.0.4 and had created 2 folders in the C drive.  C:\sandboxRTC and C:\sandboxWMB.
The sandboxWMB has all our message broker code organized  Message Set or Message Flow Project.

Our questions are

1.  Should we create a single stream with all the projects under this stream or should we create multiple streams where each stream is a project?  Which is easier to maintain?
2.   As a start, I tried to follow the steps in the documentation
That is, the following but I could not find the 'Work Items' under the 'Other' perspective in Item #2 from below.  Any idea?

To work with Rational Team Concert source control:
1.    Start the WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit.
2.    Open the Work Items perspective and click Window > Open Perspective > Other > Work Items.
3.    Click the Create Repository Connection link in the Team Artifacts view.
4.    Follow the dialog and enter the information given to you by your Jazz™ administrator.
5.    To add your project to the repository, right-click the project and select Team > Share Project.
6.    In the Share Project window, select Jazz Source Control as the repository type.
See Getting started in your Rational® Team Concert source control workspace for more details about the Rational Team Concert source control operations.

3.  There seems to have lots of documentation, but I cannot find a good one that outlines the steps-by-steps instruction how to share the code from my message broker workspace   with RTC workspace and be able to load / check-in  the code to the source control server.  Any link to such a documentation would be greatly appreciated.

We are new in this area and we hope someone can give us a quick start.   
Thank you very much.  Belinda

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Donald Nong (14.5k414) | answered Feb 17 '16, 1:34 a.m.
By the way you created the sandboxes, I suspect that you have installed RTC and WMB Toolkit _separately_. This will not work, at least you cannot follow the exact steps in the documentation for such installation.

To install them together, you have two options.
1. Install WMB Toolkit, then install RTC and choose the option to "extend an existing Eclipse shell".
2. Install WMB Toolkit, then install RTC (as an Eclipse plugin) using the p2 install method.

Belinda Lee commented Feb 17 '16, 11:59 a.m.

Hi Donald,
Thank you for your answer.  I have installed RTC and WMB into the same package group.

What we are trying to do are to
- Shell share RTC client into the supported MBT package group
- Shell share MBT to supported RTC client package group

Because our message broker cannot keep up with the RTC version, which potentially making the plug-in not working. This is what happened when we are at message broker at V7 but cannot connect to Clear Case V8 via our clear case plugin in our V7 toolkit.

Thank you for your tips.  I will make a note of that. Thank you.

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