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Creating work items off a linked RDNG requirement within an RTC Plan.

Sean Burke (3789135223) | asked Dec 19 '16, 2:34 p.m.
edited Dec 19 '16, 2:41 p.m.
 I are looking at linking requirements in RDNG to plans and work items in RTC.  In RDNG I have a collection of requirements.  I link those requirements to a plan in RTC.  I go into the plan in RTC and on the links tab of the plan I see the collection.  I can expand the collection and see the individual requirements.  What I want to is create work item from with in RTC on for each requirement.  The icon in the actions column only allows me to create one type of work item.  We want the ability to select different types of work items.  Is there a system admin setting that allows you to create different types of work items off of a requirement within an RTC plan.   

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