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How to get a Work Item Progress Bar on a Dashboard?

ian boden (2115) | asked Jan 06 '16, 8:11 p.m.
What I want is to show the progress bar from workitems found by a query (such as all epics in an iteration, or all work items that don't have a parent etc). This seems like something very basic needed for creating a decent dashboard, yet I can't even find a way to get it to display the progress in the query results.

There is a story point progress widget but that doesn't seem to work at all (probably because we aren't using story points) and even if it did it doesn't seem to take an arbitrary query instead can only be aimed at a specific iteration.

Am I just missing something?

If it doesn't exist how do people create a high level dashboard showing how different epics are progressing? Using tags I can do a burndown chart for each epic I care about, and add them to a single dashboard but that very quickly gets cluttered and is a bit of a pain to maintain.

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