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scm cmd line-Destructive w/o warning to non-chkd-in changes?

Mike Johnson (28624221) | asked Jul 30 '09, 3:37 p.m.
We think we might have found an issue with the 'scm accept' command line, with respect to conflicts in non-checked in files. We think if a user modifies a file that will then be updated via an 'scm accept', the user's change can get destroyed without warning (unlike in the GUI, which warns you if an accept operation will potentially destroy non-checked-in changes).

Scenario 1. If Dev1 and Dev2 make a change to the same line, and Dev2 does the same thing (scm accept before scm checkin) then there will be a conflict and the change won't get accepted.

Scenario 2. If Dev1 makes a change to line 1 and delivers that to the team stream, and Dev2 makes a change to line 10 and forgets to check in his changes before doing an scm accept, then Dev2's changes are destroyed since there is no conflict. There is no warning here that you will be losing changes.

So the "clobbering without warning" happens when there is no conflict. The GUI seems to handle it better -- no matter whether there's a conflict or not, the GUI will tell you if an "accept" will blow away a non-checked in change.

Are we missing anything here?

Thanks in advance,
Mike Johnson

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