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Integration of Rational Design Manager with CLM 5.0.1

Rajesh Avanthi (10814127173) | asked Dec 04 '15, 6:50 a.m.
We have an existing CLM setup (Distributed Topology - JTS,CCM,QM and RM running on seperate server) with version 501 and there is a new requirement from the project team for implementing Rational Design Management tool.

Based on our current scenario,We are looking for some best practices to be followed in rolling out DNG tool.

1) Can Rational Design Management be installed as a separate product or it
2) can be registered along with JTS server like CCM, QM and RM ?

The reason is we see RDM as a separate product outside of CLM for download. The only thing is it can be integrated with existing tools like (DNG<> CQ integration).                         
In the long run if we look from tools upgrade, migration point, it shouldn't be causing complexity and we would like  to keep things simple.                                              
 Having setup a test instance of DM what we see is it uses a separate JTS server and also require additional Database setup.                                           

Any suggestions here

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Francois-xavier Panaget (58914) | answered Dec 04 '15, 8:29 a.m.
Hi Rajesh,

Which Design Manager are you interesting in using the one for Rational Software Architect , Rational Rhapsody or  Rational System Architect?
DM can be installed with a complete separate setup (with its own JTS) or integrate with an existing one.
If you want to integrate DM with an existing JTS installation, I recommend to make sure that the DM  version and the JTS version match (see:
Regarding the Database setup. DM will require two separate Databases (one for DM and one for VVC (used for the configuration management of DM resources: (see: )
(Note... VVC (Configuration Management application is separate/different application than the CCM (Change and Configuration Management application).

Finally, once you have installed DM, you can integrate it with all the CLM applications once the proper friendships have been setup (see

I hope this will help you

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Rajesh Avanthi commented Dec 04 '15, 9:34 a.m.

Thanks Francois.
This information was very useful.

In addition to this, Do you see any pro's and con's of DM integration with CLM during the process of up-gradation to new versions?

For Example:
From up-gradation / migration point of view, What are the best practices when.....
1) DM is integrated with existing setup of JTS
2) DM is configured with a separate (its own) JTS


Francois-xavier Panaget commented Dec 04 '15, 1:08 p.m.


One advantage for having a separate "isolated" installation for DM is that its upgrade can be decoupled from the rest of the CLM applications. One disadvantage with this, is that it is more complicated to set up the friendships and I am not sure you would be able to use the Lifecycle project administration (never tried).


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