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Unable to install RDNG 5.0.2 Browser Add-on on FF24ESR and IE9

Robert Huet (23112884) | asked Nov 23 '15, 4:18 p.m.
Both FF24esr and IE9 browsers are supported with RDNG 5.0.2 (iFix09), but I can't get the browser add-on to install.

With FireFox, I'm getting the following error:
The add-on from  <server> could not be installed because it does not match the add-on Firefox expected.

The trouble-shooting guide on says to clear the browser cash and try again, but this is not making any difference.

I've also tried to install on IE9.  However, it pops up a message that it is installing the add-on, but nothing happens.

I'm trying to build this into a training environment, so any help would be greatly appreciated.  The platform is Win2008.


Donald Nong commented Nov 23 '15, 6:15 p.m.

Have you tried the script method? In most cases, you have a better chance with this method.

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