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Why installing Tomcat Service erred out with "access denied"? How to get over or around it?

long TRUONG (3654119146) | asked Feb 18 '15, 8:37 p.m.
  First time trying to clone an installation of CLM 4.0.6 & the SQLserver 2012 DBs to pristine app all-in-1 Windows server and pristine Windows SQL server respectively. And this time not the familiar upgrades on servers with already working DB connections or the install from scratch with new Derby DBs.

Yes still issues with the clone, just one after another. This time with trying to install Tomcat service, having to specify either JAVA_HOME or JRE_HOME the first time (never had to do that before with upgrades), that problem resolved, but still having an "access denied".

The original install area is on the D: drive of a different server of same domain, owned by the admin account. It was unzipped on the D: drive to the exact same path but by a different userID (at the time no access to the admin account). However the D: drive and the dir-tree from the top of the install area on the new server are shared R/W to the admin account logging on the server and executing the service.bat. Any idea what access is denied ?

D:\IBM\rtc_406\JazzTeamServer\server\tomcat\bin>echo %JRE_HOME%







D:\IBM\rtc_406\JazzTeamServer\server\tomcat\bin>service.bat install tomcat7clm40


Installing the service 'tomcat7clm406' ...

Using CATALINA_HOME:    "D:\IBM\rtc_406\JazzTeamServer\server\tomcat"

Using CATALINA_BASE:    "D:\IBM\rtc_406\JazzTeamServer\server\tomcat"

Using JAVA_HOME:        ""

Using JRE_HOME:         "D:\IBM\rtc_406\JazzTeamServer\server\jre"

Using JVM:              "D:\IBM\rtc_406\JazzTeamServer\server\jre\bin\j9vm\jvm.d


Access is denied.

Failed to install serviceFailed installing 'tomcat7clm406' service



Portion of the script responsible for above:


rem Install the service

echo Installing the service '%SERVICE_NAME%' ...



echo Using JAVA_HOME:        "%JAVA_HOME%"

echo Using JRE_HOME:         "%JRE_HOME%"

rem Use the environment variables as an example

rem Each command line option is prefixed with PR_

set PR_DESCRIPTION=Apache Tomcat 7.0.32 Server -



set "PR_CLASSPATH=%CATALINA_HOME%\bin\bootstrap.jar;%CATALINA_BASE%\bin\tomcat-juli.jar;%CATALINA_HOME%\bin\tomcat-juli.jar"

rem Set the server jvm from JAVA_HOME

set "PR_JVM=%JRE_HOME%\bin\server\jvm.dll"

if exist "%PR_JVM%" goto foundJvm

rem Set the client jvm from JAVA_HOME

set "PR_JVM=%JRE_HOME%\bin\client\jvm.dll"

if exist "%PR_JVM%" goto foundJvm

rem Check for IBM JVM installed with Jazz Team Server

set "PR_JVM=%JRE_HOME%\bin\j9vm\jvm.dll"

if exist "%PR_JVM%" goto foundJvm

set PR_JVM=auto


echo Using JVM:              "%PR_JVM%"

"%EXECUTABLE%" //IS//%SERVICE_NAME% --StartClass org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap --StopClass org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap --StartParams start --StopParams stop

if not errorlevel 1 goto installed

echo Failed installing '%SERVICE_NAME%' service

goto end

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Abraham Sweiss (2.4k1331) | answered Feb 20 '15, 11:28 a.m.
When cloning a server, we usually suggest to do a new install of RTC on the target server and then copy files, web.xml, rdf, server.xml and keystore from the old server.

That being said for the access denied, I would start up a command window with full admin rights and then execute the script to see if that  changes the outcome and have the user log in with admin rights so they at least have permission to create a service.

long TRUONG selected this answer as the correct answer

long TRUONG commented Feb 20 '15, 12:08 p.m.

Thx Abraham, 

Install service in an admin DOS command windows did it. Got the suggestion from IBM support, got it done, was about to post it as own answer but you beat me to it.
There had been nothing but one trouble after another, And there may still be other issues lurking on the horizon. At least the reindexing is going OK now (will be all day long !). 
Still puzzled with the change of Java options from customized to OOTB via the zipped and restored tomcat7w.exe.

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