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RTC 5.0/6.0 Build engine on 32 bit OS while Host/clients are 64bit

michael entler (171226) | asked Nov 23 '15, 2:17 p.m.

We are doing an upgrade from RTC 3.x to 5.x and hopefully 6.x

All our current (host/build engines) servers are 32bit.

The Host server for RTC will be 64 bit and all the clients are currently 64bit.

Can we continue to use our older 32 bit servers to host the build agents after we upgrade t o 5.0 or 6.0, while we prepare to migrate them to 64 bit OS?

I'm not finding a definitive answer

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Ralph Schoon (62.9k33645) | answered Nov 24 '15, 2:51 a.m.
I think you can. As the system requirements state, the JBE is actually 32 bit. see

I have actually experienced issues with running the build engines with 64 bit Java. See:

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