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Sharing and managing documents in RTC Windows shell (Basic moide) and Web UI

Muhammad Moid (141634) | asked Oct 20 '15, 4:00 a.m.
edited Oct 20 '15, 4:02 a.m.
Hi All,

My Scenario:
Our company outsource hundreds of projects and we only get source code files from the vendor. We are currently managing our outsourced projects and their documentation using Clear Case and approx. 300 users are using it (majority are non-technical users). 

We are now planning migrating to RTC 5.0.2 and initially we decided to use RTC Windows Shell (Basic mode) for this purpose but I have just come across an article below

"Share and manage documents through the Rational Team Concert 4.0 Web UI" 

I have few questions related to it now:
Q1. What is difference between Windows shell client and managing documents in Web UI? 
Q2. Is there any major benefit of Windows shell client over managing documents in Web UI?
Q3. Which one of them will be suitable in my case? (the scenario mentioned above)

Regards, Muhammad Moid

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Chris McGee (50511117) | answered Oct 21 '15, 1:18 p.m.
Hi Muhammad,

The Windows Shell client's basic mode is intended for cases like the one you describe. It is a relatively new client to RTC. The Web UI predates it and was also originally intended for similar uses, but the workflows were limited to what can be accomplished with a web browser. The Web UI can be cumbersome since you have to continuously download the document into a folder, keep track of it, edit and then upload the new revision or use the very simple (and small) text control to edit text files.

The Windows Shell lets you use whatever program you want (MS Word) to edit the files and automatically detects changes/no changes made to them for you. Also, you can checkin and deliver revisions easily to the stream for other users to pick up.

A1. See the above paragraphs for some of the differences
A2. See above
A3. I would say that for very infrequent editing of a small set of files, the web UI can be great because it requires no installation. However, for frequent editing in the context of a larger team working on a larger number of files the Windows Shell might be a better choice, provided that all users are on Windows.

I hope that this helps,
Muhammad Moid selected this answer as the correct answer

Muhammad Moid commented Oct 22 '15, 2:49 a.m.

Thanks Chris. I understand your points. I will discuss all these points with my team and decide what is best in our case.

Best Regards,
Muhammad Moid

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