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RQM - Best practice for small group Test Plan multi-releases

Mahari Hill (4861169230) | asked Jun 04 '15, 3:32 p.m.
CLM 5.0.2

OOTB, RQM Test Plans have a release, product and phase field in the summary section. Are those highly used? As the title suggest we have small groups working on small to midsize projects.

  • Group A is working on product X and Rel 1.0, however, when looking at the MTM sample, they have the Test Plans as Master Test Plan, User Acceptance, Development Test Plan, etc.
  • We saw a demo of a Team calling their test plans Product_Y_Test Plan_1.0, Product_Y_TestPlan_1.0.1
  • We finally saw the last team doing Product_Z_TestPlan, and they have just been updating the iterations.

Is there a best practice for iteration/release testing and naming convention? Will the querying/metrics be affected by the decision? I want to start right off the bat as best I can.


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Paul Slauenwhite (8.4k12) | answered Jun 10 '15, 10:55 a.m.
Hi Mahari,

We recommend using iterations for release/sprint/iteration testing (see the Test Schedule section in the test plan editor).  However, you can use categories, such as Release category or custom categories (preferred over custom naming conventions since categories can be required, enumerations, and used for reporting and sorting/filtering in the table views).  Test plans can be created for different projects using the Product category.  In addition, test plans can be created for different test phases using the Test Phase category.  Note, categories can be used in most test release types.

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