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How to get the list of unfilled mandatory fields at once?

Pravin Patil (104145134) | asked Jun 04 '15, 12:27 p.m.
In a work item, I have 15 fields which are required to be filled before moving the work item to next state. Now if I don't fill any required field and click on save, the message keeps coming one by one for each field (e.g. ABC field needs to be filled > then I fill that, again I press save, then I get second message for another field and so on). Is there a way to get a list/pop up, that will show all filed names which were supposed to be filled but were left empty?

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Don Yang (7.7k21114139) | answered Jun 04 '15, 10:21 p.m.

No, there is no such feature in RTC to list all required fields.

In RTC, when the attributes are mandatory, it will be marked as Asterisk orange before the attribute label, if the users see those mark, they need to fill them before save(or they will see the pop-up message), is this feature not meeting your needs?

I do see some users had similar requirements asking the required attributes to be more outstanding(highlighted in bold or even jump to another required one and so on), but it was rejected by the dev team. One of them is:

If you have strong needs for your use cases, please file a new RFE and hopefully it will be reconsidered.

Pravin Patil commented Jun 05 '15, 12:40 a.m.

I have a big workitem which has around 5 tabs, and 30 to 35 mandatory fields. A user doesn't come to know about a mandatory field being left empty until he saves if there are 10 fields empty he will have to keep pressing the save button 10 times....that's annoying to clients.

I get your answer that RTC cannot list all fields that are empty at a time. If I have to trigger a script on SAVE button, what is the ID of SAVE button,  where do I find it, I didn't see it in process configuration source.
Please let me know.

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