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Can user select the color of the Bar for the graph reports in JRS?

Rohit Rishabh (1531236) | asked May 20 '15, 5:29 p.m.
I am trying to crate a defect report using Stacked bar (Graph) report option in JRS. The report shows the count of defect created by a tester and sub grouped by defect status.
The graph reports showing different status by using different shades of the same color and making it difficult to differentiate between two states which are represented by near to similar shades.

It would be nice if JRS reporting capability allows a user to choose the color options for these bars making it easier to represent different values using different colors (and not of different shades of the same color).
You can notice in the attached image that the color used to represent "Assigned" and "Raised" state are near to similar and so is the case with "In Verification" and "Resolved". It would be nice if there is an option to choose colors to represent them in Bar in the report.


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Dusko Misic (1961) | answered May 20 '15, 6:53 p.m.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to specify colors in JRS. It is one of more frequently requested features but at the moment JRS does not provide this functionality.
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Rohit Rishabh commented May 21 '15, 4:34 p.m.

Thank you for the update. Do we have any enhancement request opened for this? Can we expect this to be available in future releases?

Dusko Misic commented May 21 '15, 8:02 p.m.

Yes, there is an enhancement request opened for this but it is in a JRS project area which is currently not visible. Not sure when (and if) the project area will be made public. Meantime if you want to log a feature request or a defect on JRS you can do so by going to the CLM project area and logging work item against Common Reporting.

I cannot comment on future plans though, as in when and if the feature will be implemented. But it is one of the most frequently requested features.

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