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SPoRT & RTC 4.0.7: how can I query APAR change sets that have only been checked in?

Kristine Adamson (12) | asked May 18 '15, 11:15 a.m.

We use RTC 4.0.7 and SPoRT for APARs.  For open SPoRT APAR work items, we would like to create a report of all components for which code changes have been checked in under the APAR work item.  Our product is large so our product's source control files are first divided into components. Our real goal is for people on the team to see that other members are working in the same component they are, so the team members need to discuss which APAR's code will be delivered first.

We've tried creating an RTC query for this information but, the output is not helpful:

  • if there is more than 1 Change Set for the APAR, the resulting display only lists the number of Change Sets in each row of the Change Sets column.  If I hover over that row, a window pops up that shows me all the changed components.  But we would like the information displayed on the query output.
  • If there is only 1 Change Set, the display initially lists the component updated by the Change Set.  But when I hover over that row in the display, the output changes to the last date that the Change Set was updated.  The component name disappears.

Thanks for any feedback. 


Kevin Ramer commented May 19 '15, 4:41 p.m.

SPoRT is an IBM specific extension ( RETAIN APARs, PMRs to/from RTC Work Items ).  I don't think the SPoRT work item types have altered the Links presentation.

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Melissa Kivisto (2871021) | answered May 19 '15, 11:10 a.m.
Hi Kristine,

I am not familiar with the SPoRT plugin, so forgive me if this is not relevant.
If it is a regular work item in RTC, once the change set has been associated with the work item, you will see the change set in the Links tab of the Work Item, including the component the change set is for.  It's not a report, but would be visible to anyone with access to the WI.

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