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Workflow issues with conflict moves using command line

Winston Enos (33116) | asked Apr 23 '15, 3:20 p.m.
edited Apr 23 '15, 3:30 p.m.
We've recently upgraded to RTC 5.0.2, which added a new feature to support moving file conflicts between components on the command-line (looks like GUI support for this doesn't come until 6.0.)

We had a situation where developers in one stream (let's call it 3.0_stream) did an Eclipse RTC Move In operation to move code into separate components. Other developers in another stream (call it 2.0_stream) made updates to those files in the existing locations before the moves done in the 3.0_stream. We then did a merge from 2.0_stream to 3.0_stream.

Using the directions on in the New & Noteworthy for 5.0.2 ( ) I went ahead and tried to move the conflicts, which mostly worked out well, minus some workflow issues. I was curious if someone had knowledge on what should the user expect with these situations:

1. For starters, it looks like none of the 5.0.2 or in-dev IBM documentation contains the '-m' switch used in the 'scm resolve conflict' command. I'm looking at both:

2. I went ahead and moved a small amount of file conflicts to another component using the command 'scm resolve conflict -m 1909 1801 1802 1803 1804 1805 1806 1807' which worked fine:
No merge queue.
Conflicted items have been successfully resolved.

Then I went to do a few more for the same component and received this error: There is already a curre
nt merge for the target component in the workspace

Is there a way to add more file conflicts to a target component if that target component already has a current merge for that component? It seems shakey that I need to either do them all at once, or do multiple changesets and complete each one to do another.

3. Thinking that I needed to either complete or abort the merge for that target component, I decided to '--abort' the 'scm set current-merge' for that workspace and component instead of '--complete' to restart and add all the files together in one batch. I received an error: Status ERROR: code=0 Error while discarding change set Only change sets can be added to the merge queue


Finally, I decided to just --complete it, which worked, and did a single batch of moves for each other component, which also worked.

4. When you have a current merge for a target component from this, your Pending Changes will look like this until you complete the current-merge:

Is this a typical incomplete changeset or a specialized one under-the-covers? What does 'Pending Gap Resolution' status actually mean?

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