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5.0.2 eclipse client - team dashboard / feeds non-functional with 5.0.2 ifix3 servers

Gary Weston (111) | asked Apr 22 '15, 3:48 p.m.
We have a number of production RTC 5.0.2 ifix3 servers in our environment.  Recently upgraded from a mix of mostly RTC 4.0.6 and 4.0.7.

-Feeds (Team Dashboard) are not updating with RTC eclipse client (Version: 5.0.2 Build id: RTC-I20141031-0926). The 'refresh all' button does not result in a refresh.
-Using a 4.0.6 client (mixed platforms tried) and 5.0.1 client (on Ubuntu), feeds do seem to work.
-Servers have the default feed settings, with Enable Feed Throttle Management=false
-With 5.0.2 client, tried with the workspace I used with 4.0.6 client previously. I also created a new/clean workspace. Same behavior observed. Feeds not updating.
-If switch back to 4.0.6 client with the same workspace used for 4.0.6, against the 5.0.3 ifix3 server. Feeds work.
-An observed side-effect:  The mechanism for automatically refreshing incoming changes in Pending Changes doesn't appear to function, as it is tied to feeds working. I.e. The pending changes tab does not display incoming change sets as feeds are not updating. Manually updating with "refresh remote changes" will refresh and display anything new.  Saw the feed/pending changes updates relationship per this ->

Seems client-side and 5.0.2 limited, as observed so far.

I checked the fixlist for ifix4 - there appears to be nothing related to this.
Searches here on seems to not yield much on this specific issue.

-I didn't see anything related on the server logs
-The client error log does not show anything related to this either.

Donald Nong commented Apr 24 '15, 12:29 a.m.

I suggest you collect network trace on the client side to determine whether the RTC client sends out request for the latest feed. 

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Gary Weston (111) | answered May 04 '15, 11:33 a.m.
Updating for reference... in case other's are looking into this same issue
This is identified basically as a problem with encoding of the userid within the feed url.

I created an RTC defect:

It was marked as a duplicate of this defect:

This issue seems to be a regression for 5.0.1 and later (though feeds seemed to work with a 5.0.1 client we tested with). Stated as fixed in 6.0 RC2. 

This is causing some annoyances to our developers... feeds aren't updating, which causes pending changes to not update automatically, causing a bit of inconvenience to devs as they have to manually refresh to check for incoming changes.

There is a bit of a workaround documented in the defect.. though it may not be entirely effective.

In each feed URL, manually...
       replace the "user={$user}" with your actual id ... ex: &

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