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Perform User Synchronization step failed while finalizing CCM application in JTS 5.0.2

Javaria Hameed (402547) | asked Feb 16 '15, 5:02 a.m.
While running the JTS 5.0.2 setup, the CCM finalization step failed and produced the following error:

Unable to perform the User Sync operation. See details for more information.ID CRJAZ1752E

Error 503: CRJAZ1173W The service is not available.

I am running the setup on Windows 2012, using DB2 as database

any help will be much appreciated.

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Manoj Panda (39336560) | answered Feb 16 '15, 5:35 a.m.
Normally, i have been seen when you failed to run the complete JTS setup 1stime and try to re-run the JTS-Setup again. If you dont have any data, i suggest you to re-run the JTS-Setup. If you are using WAS, then delete the application ( .war)  and install again. clean all temp files/folders/cache.

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